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Podiatry Treatments

The term podiatrist is the more modern name to what would previously be termed chiropodist or chiropody.

Our podiatrist/chiropodist is HCPC registered and can treat the whole range of foot problems and chiropody treatments including routine nail care to nail surgery.

"I have a problem with my toe nails"

"I have an itchy or unusual rash on my feet"

"I have a problem with hard skin on my feet"

"I have a problem with a verruca"

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New Patient Appointment - £40

Podiatric assessment and treatment and advice as appropriate to your condition and needs. Suitable for the majority of common foot issues including assistance with general footcare, ingrown toe nails and verrucae.


After your initial appointment

Routine Podiatry Treatment - £35

Podiatric assessment and treatment as appropriate to your conditions and needs. This can include toe nail cutting, callus (hard skin) and corn reduction, certain verruca treatment and advice depending on your individual needs.

Simple Nail Care - £25

Maintenance of toe nails to improve your comfort.

Thickened Nail Cut - £30

Maintenance of thickened toe nails to improve your comfort.

Corns and Calluses - £30

Corns and calluses reduced appropriate to your individual needs.

Deluxe Podiatry Treatment - £65

Simply nail care and end your treatment with a half hour relaxing reflexology massage.

Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment - £35

Ingrown toe nails can occur in anyone, tight fitting shoes, trauma or just the shape of your toe nail play a role in developing an ingrown nail. It might be at an early stage of tenderness or at the end stage of infection, either way we can resolve most cases and keep the nail.

Verrutop Verruca Treatment - £60

(single treatment)

Verrutop Verruca Treatment - £155

(3 sessions)

Verruca(e) are reduced and treated with Verrutop® acid blend. This treatment has a success rate of approx 75% on verracae on the soles and 90% on the toes within 3-6 treatments. Large numbers of verruca(e) may require an additional volume of the acid which will incur a higher charge. Your podiatrist will advise you if this will be necessary when discussing your treatment plan.

Toe Nail Surgery - From £275

Minor surgery under local anaesthetic for the permanent treatment of ingrown toe nails. This is a package which includes all follow up appointments after the surgery. Suitability for surgery will be based on medical suitability as determined by your treating podiatrist. Nail surgery can only be booked after a new patient appointment or for existing patients who have undergone assessment.

For removal of more than two toe nails during a single procedure, please speak to your podiatrist for details.

Biomechanical Assessment

You use your feet a lot in any given day and over time this can lead to issues that seem to appear from nowhere. A biomechanical assessment is the starting point to establish why the issues you are experiencing may be mechanical in nature.

Pain/injury/basic gait assessment can be carried out by our podiatrist/sports therapist see price list.

 For a more in-depth assessment our orthortics specialist's from The Treatment Hub are in the clinic every Saturday for an appointment with them please message or call us..

Assessments from £65

Custom made-insoles by Scottish based clinic for all our patients needs.

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